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Exploration Services



Helicopter supported and land based applications.


Trenching is a cost-effective way to explore anomalies prior to drilling. Mapping of geology and structure, and identifying and locating the source of an anomaly has proven to be highly beneficial, especially in remote areas.  


The Kubota KH41 (3,600 lb GVW) is used for projects with helicopter access. The equipment can be transported with many types of helicopters and the Shorts Skyvan.


The KX41-3 (3,600 lb GVW) is used for land based and fixed wing operations.


The KX121-3 (9,600 lb GVW) is used for land based and barge access.

Trail Building

Trails for personnel access, equipment and sample transport are useful when hiking or helicopter support are not practical. Once establlished they are useful for as long as needed.


Low impact trails are a cost-effective solution for access.

Mulching vegetation on new or historic access routes is good for the environment and saves reclamation costs. The vegetative mat or existing surface is not disturbed.


Reclamation of trenches takes place soon after mapping and sampling is completed.


Reclamation of drill sites and access roads even with challenging ground conditions is accomplished with ease due to the light weight of the equipment. There is no concern about creating further disturbance.

Reclamation Guide for Mineral Exploration - AME, Association for Mineral Exploration, 2020.

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